Our Founder

George was born in 1951 in Aitkin, Minnesota and was raised in Golden, Colorado. He accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior in the fall of 1969. George and his wife Linda have been married for 45 years, have five children and sixteen grandchildren. George and Linda home schooled their children from 1984 to 2002 and also served as members of the Executive Committee of the Colorado Springs Home School Support Group for 9 years. They have both been featured speakers in Home School conferences.

George has been in various forms of ministry for over forty years, serving fourteen of those years as a senior pastor. He was a member of the Colorado Springs Association of Evangelicals serving four years as their Vice President and two years as President. George also served as a member of The Net, a local association of pastors in Colorado Springs for ten years. He has also traveled to India, Philippines, Ukraine and China ministering to missionaries, native pastors and teaching and preaching in the churches. George is on the Board of Directors for Wings of Grace Counseling Services in Colorado Springs and a member of the Association of Biblical Counselors.

George worked at Focus On The Family in the Pastoral Care 4 1/2 years providing pastoral counseling by phone to ministers, spouses and other ministry leaders (deacons, elders, board members, missionaries etc.) regarding crisis intervention on marriage, parenting, church relations, conflict resolution, career changes, forced termination, finances, burnout, depression, sexual misconduct, internet pornography, trauma, grief, etc. Now as a chaplain in the counseling department, he provides counseling on a variety of individual and family related issues as mentioned above. George is the founder and director of Renewal Ministries of Colorado Springs which includes private counseling.

You have a gift. I definitely felt the Holy Spirit working through you. Using scripture and keeping God at the center was awesome.

Mrs. CH

George Stahnke is caring, knowledgeable, professional, and sincere. What everyone needs when they are having a hard time.

Dr. BH

Our meeting with you last week was very beneficial. I personally felt like you were delivering a message directly from God, straight into our hearts.

Mr. & Mrs. C

George was warm and friendly and always put us at ease. He was extremely encouraging and transparent, which helped us in discussion. We were given some valuable insights for our upcoming marriage.


He has a pastor’s heart, is trustworthy, a gifted communicator, a loyal husband and father, but most of all a devoted follower of Christ.

Pastor HBL

For any and all who have a need for Godly counsel and spiritual direction, George would be among those at the top of my list of recommended providers.

JF Ph.D.

Thank you so much for your prayers, support with wisdom, counsel and guidance. May our Lord give back to you more in every aspect of your life for the time spent guiding us wounded sheep. You have been a tremendous blessing.

Mr. & Mrs. ML

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your message this morning. You were right on target and your illustration was exceptionally effective.

Pastor GL

George was extremely helpful. He empathized with my struggles and really cared about my future. He was a great listener, but also offered so much practical advice and wisdom. Each week I felt like I left with something to work through which would draw me closer to functioning effectively in Christ.


I think of George as a person who is not just a theologian, but also a believer who leads by example. His personal relationship with the Father has brought him through the many struggles that we all face, in a way that is an example to everyone with whom he has come in contact.

Dr. WA

George went above and beyond what anyone could expect in using the gifts and abilities God has equipped him with to help guide our family through the healing process at such a traumatic time in our life.

Mr. & Mrs. TD

God used your prayers and encouragement to help us not give up and to continue to stay faithful to God’s work. We genuinely appreciate you.

Pastor & Mrs.

I want to let you know that my husband and I renewed our vows in June 2014. (44 years) Your counsel and encouragement for me to take some time for God to work in his life and mine really helped me. God opened Bill’s eyes to his blind spots and renewed our love for one another during the nearly four months that I stayed in Colorado. Thank you! And Praise the Lord!

Mr. & Mrs. JB

In 2008 I hit my rock bottom… Your faithfulness to Christ’s calling most likely saved my life, marriage, and family… You gave us a lot of guidelines that were extremely helpful in giving us hope, and which turned my behavior and habits around… Had you not been there, I’m pretty sure I might be dead by now.


God used you in our lives in a powerful way. Your presence, counsel, prayer, and phone calls have been a source of healing and hope.

Pastor & Mrs.

It was a great first meeting with you. I’m so glad my spouse consented to join us. You have come up in conversation several times today as we have reflected on what God did through you last night. You are being used mightily by Him in your counseling. Thanks again.

Mr. & Mrs. JP